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Fermented Daikon with Garlic and Gochugaru Recipe (with Video)

Shellfish-free, Wheat-free, Soy-free

Discover our Fermented Daikon with Garlic and Gochugaru Recipe, a International recipe perfect as a main course recipe. Download the Flavrs app for 1000+ free food videos and recipes!

Serving size

Prep 10min | Cook 5min


Daikon Spears
- 2700 grams daikon
- 1300 grams filtered water
- 120 grams Salt, or 3% of total weight of other ingredients
- 2 clove Garlic, peeled and smashed
- 4 Scallions, cut into 3” sections cut in half vertically
- 2 tbsp gochugaru
- 1 tbsp mixed peppercorns
- 2 Bay leaves
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Preparation of Ingredients
1. Add daikon, scallions, garlic, bay leaves, gochugaru and peppercorns into a large fermentation grade jar.
2. Fill the jar with water, stopping about an inch and a half from the top of the jar.
3. Weigh the contents of your jar and add in salt at a ratio of 3% of your ingredients weight (for this example 3% = 120 grams of salt).
4. Stir the contents of your jar until the salt is completely dissolved.
Fermentation Process
1. Add either a fermentation weight or a damp paper towel to the top of the jar, helping to keep all of the ingredients submerged, preventing mold.
2. Let sit in a shaded area at room temperature for 4-6 days depending on how funky you want them to be. The longer they go the more of a tang they will have.
3. 'Burp' the bottles once a day by simply opening the lid to release the pressure.
1. Transfer to the refrigerator when satisfied with the flavor to slow down fermentation.
2. As long as no mold forms, these are kind of good indefinitely. They will just become more 'funky', breaking down more and more over time.

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