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Vietnamese Shredded Pork Skin (Bi) Recipe (with Video)

Side dish, Vietnamese, Asian
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Discover our Vietnamese Shredded Pork Skin (Bi) Recipe, a International recipe perfect as a main course recipe. Download the Flavrs app for 1000+ free food videos and recipes!

Serving size

Prep 30min | Cook 2h


Pork Preparation
- 1 lb pork butt/shoulder
- 0.5 lb cooked shredded pork skin
- 0.5 Garlic, minced
- 0.333 tsp Salt
- 2 tbsp toasted rice powder
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Preparing the Pork Shoulder
1. In a small pot, add your 1 lb pork shoulder + 1/3 tsp salt and enough water to cover the pork.
2. Add to stove over high heat.
3. Once it reaches a boil, remove the impurity foam at the top.
4. Then lower to simmer for 1-1.5 hours (depending on thickness of the cut).
5. You can use a chopstick to poke into the cut. If the liquid runs clear, the meat is cooked. If it runs pink, the meat is not cooked.
6. Once cooked, remove the pork and add to an ice bath to cool down.
7. Once cooled, pat dry and slice pork into thin shreds.
8. Add to a mixing bowl.
Preparing the Pork Skin
1. Take your thawed pork skin and run under cold water to wash a few times.
2. Set aside to dry. We need this to be completely dry before moving forward.
3. You can use a paper towel to help pat dry.
4. Add the pork skin to the mixing bowl with the shredded pork.
Final Steps
1. Add the minced garlic, toasted rice powder, and sprinkle of salt to taste to the mixing bowl.
2. Combine and taste to adjust to your preference.
3. This goes well with broken rice platter or you can serve them as spring rolls with fresh herbs (bi cuon).
4. Enjoy!

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