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Avocado Eggrolls (like from The Cheesecake Factory). Recipe (with Video)

Intermediate, Mostly Veg, Sesame-free
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Discover our Avocado Eggrolls (like from The Cheesecake Factory). Recipe, a International recipe perfect as a dessert recipe. Download the Flavrs app for 1000+ free food videos and recipes!

Serving size

Prep 20min | Cook 10min


Avocado Eggrolls
- 4 Avocados, ripe, cubed
- 1 Lime, juiced
- 1 Shallot, or 1/2 red onion, chopped
- 6 oz Sun-dried tomatoes, chopped
- 0.5 bunch Cilantro, chopped
- Salt, to taste
- Chili flakes, to taste
- 1 package eggroll wrappers
- Vegetable oil, enough for frying
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Preparation of Avocado Mixture
1. Add avocado, lime juice, shallots, tomatoes, cilantro to a bowl.
2. Mix together and slightly mash the bigger cubes of avocado.
Wrapping the Eggrolls
1. On a single sheet of eggroll wrapping, wet the four corners lightly with water.
2. Add a scoop of the avocado mixture to the bottom middle, fold the bottom corner over the mixture, then tuck either side on top.
3. Roll it over itself and seal the top corner over it.
Cooking the Eggrolls
1. Add vegetable oil to the pan until it covers the entire bottom, and pools slightly.
2. Turn the heat on high and when the oil starts to shimmer (or reaches 350°) add in your Eggrolls in small batches.
3. When the rolls start to turn golden (about 1 min) flip and cook until the other side is golden (about another minute).
4. Remove from pan and rest on paper towel to remove excess oil.
1. Makes about 24 egg rolls, give or take.
2. You can save time chopping, by adding the shallots, cilantro and sun-dried tomatoes to a food processor.

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