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Vietnamese Hanoi Chicken Noodle Soup - Bun Thang Recipe (with Video)

Dairy-free, Asian, Fish

Discover our Vietnamese Hanoi Chicken Noodle Soup - Bun Thang Recipe, a International recipe perfect as a soup recipe. Download the Flavrs app for 1000+ free food videos and recipes!

Serving size

Prep 15min | Cook 1h


- 1.5 lb chicken thigh
- 2 lb chicken bones
- 1 tbsp Salt
- 1 rock sugar
- 1 White onion, medium, skin removed
- 1 Ginger, medium, skin removed, sliced
- 2 tbsp Fish sauce
- 1 tbsp chicken bouillon
Noodle Bowls
- 1 Cha Lua
- 3 Eggs, beaten
- 1 Vietnamese coriander
- Shrimp paste - Mam Tom
- Rice vermicelli noodles
- Black pepper
- Sambal
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Preparing the broth
1. In a large 6 qt pot, add chicken bones, chicken thigh, rock sugar, salt, ginger, and the white onion.
2. Fill water until the meat is fully covered and bring to boil over high heat.
3. Once boiling, remove the impurities and foam from the top of the broth.
4. Lower the heat to a simmer and allow to cook on low for 20 minutes.
5. Remove the chicken thighs from the broth and allow to cool in a large bowl of cool water.
6. Allow the chicken bones and broth to cook for another 40 minutes.
Preparing the chicken
1. Once the chicken thighs have cooled, pat them dry and shred into thin strips.
2. Store in a separate container for now.
Finalizing the broth
1. After 40 minutes of additional cooking for the broth, use a strainer and discard bones, ginger and onion from the broth.
2. Add fish sauce and chicken bouillon.
3. Taste and adjust as needed.
Preparing the eggs
1. In a separate bowl, beat 3 eggs and add a splash of fish sauce.
2. Cook them on a pan making thin layers each time.
3. Remove from heat and julienne the thin egg omelettes.
4. Set aside.
Cooking the rice vermicelli
1. Cook your rice vermicelli according to package instructions.
Assembling the noodle bowls
1. Assemble your noodle bowls with rice vermicelli, Vietnamese pork ham julienned, julienned egg strips, shredded chicken, Vietnamese coriander, and black pepper.
2. Ladle in the chicken broth and serve with spicy chili sauce (sambal) and shrimp paste (mam tom).

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