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Homemade Gluten Free Pasta Recipe (with Video)

Eggs, Intermediate, Soy-free
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Discover our Homemade Gluten Free Pasta Recipe, a International recipe perfect as a main course recipe. Download the Flavrs app for 1000+ free food videos and recipes!

Serving size

Prep 1h | Cook 5min


- 1 c gluten free flour
- 2 large whole eggs
- 0.5 tsp Salt
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1. Make a well with your flour on a clean, flat surface or in a bowl.
2. Add eggs and salt into your well and scramble eggs gently within the well.
3. Pull flour into your well a little at a time until it resembles a batter and move to a flat surface if using a bowl.
4. Once it starts forming into a ball, start hand kneading (TIP: A dough scraper can be very helpful with initial kneading).
5. Kneading motion is folding top over itself, pressing down with heel of hand and then rotating at 90 degrees, repeating this pattern throughout the process.
6. Knead until fully incorporated, adding flour a little at a time until no longer sticky. Dough does not contain gluten so kneading time is much less and is only to fully combine ingredients.
To Roll Out & Cut with a Machine
1. Be gentle with pasta sheet, there is no gluten so pasta will rip instead of stretch.
2. Cut dough ball in half, and keep other half covered.
3. Prep sheet by rolling with a rolling pin to get ready to feed into machine.
4. Start with widest setting, moving through each level and keeping sheet well floured.
5. Flatten until you get your ideal thickness - I go to level 5 for most pasta.
6. Flour both sides of your pasta sheets and be careful to not tear pasta sheet.
7. Pass flattened pasta sheet into the desired spaghetti or fettuccine cutter.
8. Gently catch your cut pasta and lay on a cutting board/baking sheet.
9. Ready to Cook Immediately or Freeze until ready to cook.
To Roll Out & Cut with a Rolling Pin & Knife
1. Cut dough ball in half, and keep other half covered.
2. Flour Dough on all sides.
3. Press dough - cut side down - with hand to prep dough to start rolling out.
4. Start rolling dough from top to bottom.
5. Turn sideways and roll with rolling pin to begin squaring off sheet.
6. Repeat this process until until you get your ideal thickness (should be able to see woodgrain of table through pasta sheet).
7. Flour both sides of your pasta sheets.
8. Fold each end over itself 1-2 inches and continue rolling over itself until meeting in middle.
9. Cut into even widths, depending on desired pasta (fettuccine to pappardelle).
10. Slide Blunt edge of Knife under half of the sheet and turn blunt side up to let pasta fall.
11. Toss with additional flour.
To Cook/Store Fresh Pasta
1. Ready to cook immediately for 2-5+ mins(depending on thickness of pasta sheet) in boiling salted water.
2. If storing for later, freeze for 1-2 weeks by adding to freezer to harden and transferring to freezer bag.

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