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Chicken and Sausage Rotini Recipe (with Video)

Pasta, Mostly Veg, Meat

Discover our Chicken and Sausage Rotini Recipe, a International recipe perfect as a main course recipe. Download the Flavrs app for 1000+ free food videos and recipes!

Serving size

Prep 10min | Cook 20min


Main Ingredients
- 1 box Rotini
- 0.5 lb mild Italian sausage
- 0.5 lb ground chicken
- 1 c Mixed bell peppers
- 1 White onion, diced
- 2 c Baby spinach
- 1 c Portobello mushrooms, sliced
- 4 cloves Garlic, crushed
- 1 jar Vodka sauce
- 2 tbsp Avocado oil
- 1 tsp Salt
- 2 tsp Pepper
- 2 tsp Garlic powder
- 2 tsp Onion powder
- 1 tsp Red pepper flakes
- 1 tbsp Italian seasoning
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Preparing the Pasta
1. Start by cooking your pasta according to the box.
2. Make sure you salt the water and remove once pasta is al dente.
Preparing the Meat
1. To a skillet set to medium heat, add avocado oil and then add ground chicken and Italian sausage.
2. Cook your chicken and sausage until brown and drain off excess fat.
3. Once your meat is browned, remove it from the pan.
Preparing the Vegetables
1. Next, you're going to add all of your vegetables, except for garlic, to the skillet with any remaining excess oil from the meat. Hold off adding the garlic until the end.
2. Saute those vegetables down until they are tender and add all of your seasonings and garlic.
Combining and Serving
1. Once your vegetables are tender, add your meat back to the pan and give everything a good mix.
2. Add about half of the cooked rigatoni as well as your favorite pasta sauce.
3. Mix that all together and serve it up!
4. Enjoy!

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