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Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe (with Video)

Sandwich, Shellfish-free, Intermediate
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Discover our Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe, a International recipe perfect as a main course recipe. Download the Flavrs app for 1000+ free food videos and recipes!

Serving size

Prep 30min | Cook 10h


Pork Shoulder
- 2 kg pork shoulder
- 5 tbsp Cooking oil, for seasoning
Seasoning Mixture
- 2 tbsp Brown sugar
- 1 tbsp Salt
- 1 tbsp Black pepper, ground
- 1 tbsp Paprika, smoked
- 1 tbsp Oregano
- 1 tbsp cumin powder
- 1 tbsp mustard powder
- 3 clove Garlic, minced
- 1 head Onion, medium-sized, sliced
- 200 ml apple juice
- 300 g BBQ sauce
- 0.333 head white cabbage, small, thinly sliced
- 2 pcs Carrots, medium, grated
- 200 g Mayonnaise
- 3 tbsp Lemon juice
- 200 g Yogurt
- 2 tbsp Powdered sugar
- 1 tbsp Salt
- Black pepper, ground, to taste
Hamburger Buns
- 4 pcs hamburger buns
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Pulled Pork: Preparation
1. Cut the pork shoulder into 4 parts.
2. Oil the pork and season it heavily with the provided mixture.
Pulled Pork: Cooking
1. In a Philips multifunctional cooker, place the minced garlic and sliced onion at the bottom.
2. Pour in 200 ml of apple juice.
3. Add the seasoned pork to the cooker.
4. Cook for 10 hours on the slow cooking program.
Pulled Pork: Shredding
1. Once cooked, use two forks to tear the meat into shreds.
Pulled Pork: Final Touch
1. Add 300 g of BBQ sauce to the shredded meat.
Coleslaw: Preparation
1. Thinly slice the white cabbage and grate the carrots.
Coleslaw: Mixing
1. In a bowl, combine cabbage, carrots, mayonnaise, lemon juice, yogurt, powdered sugar, salt, and ground black pepper. Mix well.
Assembling the Sandwich: Bun Toasting
1. Cut the hamburger bun in half and toast both sides.
Assembling the Sandwich: Assembly
1. Pack a generous amount of shredded meat and coleslaw into the toasted bun.
2. Serve and enjoy.
Cooking and Preparation Time
1. Cooking Time: 10 hours (slow cooking program)

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