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Pickled Bean Sprouts Recipe (with Video)

Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Mostly Veg
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Discover our Pickled Bean Sprouts Recipe, a International recipe perfect as a main course recipe. Download the Flavrs app for 1000+ free food videos and recipes!

Serving size

Recipe Time: 30min


- 16 oz mung bean sprouts
- 2 bird’s eye chili pepper
- 1 c Carrots, julienned
- 1 tbsp Salt
- 0.25 c White granulated sugar
- 5 tbsp Rice vinegar
- 2 c Warm water
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Preparation of Vegetables
1. Wash the bean sprouts thoroughly and discard any loose stringy ends of the bean sprouts.
2. Prepare the carrots and chili peppers.
Preparation of Brine
1. To make the brine, mix together warm water, sugar, salt, and rice vinegar until completely dissolved.
Marinating Process
1. Add the vegetables and brine to a large mixing bowl.
2. Toss until evenly coated and set aside for 30 minutes.
Storing Process
1. Transfer the vegetables and brine to a glass container with a lid.
2. Add more water as needed to ensure the vegetables are completely submerged.
3. Cover the container with a lid and store in the fridge.
4. The pickled bean sprouts are ready to eat after marinating for one day.

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