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Easy Moist Lemon Cake (with lemon syrup) Recipe (with Video)

Sesame-free, American, Dessert
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Discover our Easy Moist Lemon Cake (with lemon syrup) Recipe, a International recipe perfect as a dessert recipe. Download the Flavrs app for 1000+ free food videos and recipes!

Serving size

Prep 15min | Cook 40min


Dry ingredients
- 240 grams Flour
- 150 grams Sugar
- 15 grams Baking powder
Wet ingredients
- 3 Eggs
- 170 grams Greek yogurt
- 100 ml Olive oil
- 50 ml Lemon juice
- 2 tbsp Lemon zest
Lemon Syrup
- 70 ml Fresh lemon juice
- 50 ml Water
- 35 grams Sugar
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Bake the cake
1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees.
2. In a large bowl, combine the dry ingredients and mix.
3. Zest and then juice 2-3 lemons. Add all of the zest, 50ml lemon juice (set the rest, about 70ml, aside for the syrup), oil, Greek yoghurt and eggs to the dry ingredients and mix for 4-5 minutes, until the sugar is fully dissolved.
4. Butter your mould, or use baking paper to avoid sticking. For this quantity of dough we use a 30cm long loaf mould. Bake for 40-45 mins on 180 degrees. Test with a stick or knife if it is ready after 40 minutes.
Infuse it with lemon syrup
1. While the cake bakes, combine the remaining lemon juice (about 70 ml), water and sugar in a sauce pan and bring to boil. Let is simmer for 5 minutes
2. When the cake is baked, leave it in the mould and use a skewer to poke some holes across the cake for the syrup to sink in. Pour the syrup all across. As it's all captured in the mould, it will continue to infuse the cake, making it super lemony and moist.
3. Enjoy!

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