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Creamy Chicken Carbonara Recipe (with Video)

Dairy, Sesame-free, Peanut-free

Discover our Creamy Chicken Carbonara Recipe, a International recipe perfect as a main course recipe. Download the Flavrs app for 1000+ free food videos and recipes!

Serving size

Prep 20min | Cook 30min


Main Ingredients
- 4 Chicken breast, sliced and thinly pounded
- 0.75 c Pancetta, diced
- 2 Shallots, diced
- 1 c Peas
- 1.5 c Cream, room temperature
- 0.5 c Milk, room temperature
- 0.5 c pasta water
- 1 box Bow tie pasta
- 0.25 tsp Cayenne pepper
- 0.25 tsp Nutmeg
- 1 tsp Kosher salt
- 1 tsp Pepper
- 2 tsp Garlic powder
- 2 tsp Onion powder
- 2 tsp Paprika
- 2 tsp Cali love
Other Ingredients
- 4 tbsp Butter, divided
- 2 tbsp EVOO
- 1 c Parmesan cheese
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Seasoning the Chicken
1. Season your chicken with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika or Cali Love if you have it.
2. Drizzle a little bit of olive oil all over the chicken and spread evenly.
Cooking the Chicken
1. In a pan set to medium high heat, add some butter and a drizzle of olive oil.
2. Once bubbling, add in your chicken and sear until golden brown and cooked through. Internal temperature should be 165° F.
3. Remove the chicken from the pan. If there is excess oil, drain it off but keep the small bits of fond left in the pan from the chicken.
Preparing the Sauce
1. Add in your pancetta to the same pan as well as your shallots.
2. Cook your pancetta and shallots until they get slightly crispy.
3. Add in the last of your butter as well as cream milk and reserve pasta water.
4. Cook on medium heat and continue to stir your sauce until tight bubbles begin to appear.
5. Once the sauce is thick add in your nutmeg and cayenne pepper.
6. Continue to cook your sauce until it can coat the back of a spoon.
Combining Ingredients
1. With your skillet still on medium. Add in your bow tie pasta and peas.
2. Let this cook for about 3 minutes.
3. After 3 minutes, remove the sauce from the heat, finish with salt, pepper and your cheese.
4. Gently stir everything together well.
1. Serve immediately with your sliced chicken.
2. Enjoy!

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