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Cleaning Collard Greens Recipe (with Video)

Mostly Veg, Easy, American
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Discover our Cleaning Collard Greens Recipe, a International recipe perfect as a main course recipe. Download the Flavrs app for 1000+ free food videos and recipes!

Serving size

Prep 1h | Cook 45min


Collard Greens
- 3 bunches collard greens, fresh
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Prepare Collard Greens
1. Start by washing your hands thoroughly.
2. Lay out the collard greens on a clean surface.
3. Using a knife, cut off the tough stems from the bottom of each collard green.
Remove Middle Stems
1. Fold each collard green in half lengthwise.
2. With your knife, cut out the middle stem, leaving you with two halves.
Vinegar Bath
1. Fill a large bowl or basin with water.
2. Add a cup of white vinegar to the water.
3. Submerge the collard greens in the vinegar water bath.
4. Allow them to soak for about 30 minutes. This helps to remove impurities and bugs.
Roll into Ribbons
1. Take a few collard green leaves at a time and lay them flat on a cutting board.
2. Roll them tightly into a cigar shape.
3. Slice the rolled collards into thin ribbons.
Salt Water Bath
1. Fill a sink or another large container with water.
2. Add a couple of tablespoons of salt to the water and mix until dissolved.
3. Submerge the collard green ribbons in the saltwater bath.
4. Swish them around to ensure the saltwater reaches all parts.
Rinse and Drain
1. Drain the saltwater from the collard greens.
2. Rinse them thoroughly under cold running water.
3. Allow them to drain in a colander.
Repeat as Needed
1. Check the water in the container; if it's not clear, repeat the saltwater bath and rinse until the water runs relatively clear.
Final Rinse
1. Give the collard greens a final rinse under cold running water to remove any remaining salt.
2. Now your collard greens are clean, crisp, and ready to be cooked or used in your favorite recipes.

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